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The BHCCT has currently has 13 main committee families, their names are listed hereunder:

  • Mr. Sanjoy Paul  and family

  • Mr. Prodip Roy and family

  • Mr. Kajal and family

  • Mr. Sanjay Saha and family

  • Mr. Bikash Chakroborty 

  • Mr. Bipra Paul and family

  • Mr. Samir Paul and family

  • Mr Barun Kanti Paul and family

  • Mr. Kamol Das and family

  • Mr. Liton Nath and family

  • Mr. Nandan Paul and family

  • Mr. Goytom Paul and family

  • Dr Amit Gosh and family

The BHCCT has other members who are very actively involved:

  • Mrs Nabanita Chatterjee  - organizer of the cultural program

  • Mrs Mukta Paul - In charge of the kitchen

  • Mrs Rita Paul - In charge of website

  • Mr Shovik Chatterjee - Photographer

The BHCCT members who are actively in the cultural program:

  • Mrs Nabanita Chatterjee 

  • Mrs Bedrasruti

  • Mrs Ellora Gosh

  • Mrs Soma Paul

  • Mrs Melany Paul

  • Mrs Rita Paul

  • Mrs Reshma Saha

  • Mrs Somananda 

  • Miss Sumona Boss

  • Mrs Pinki Das


The BHCCT was founded in March 2014 by seven members. Their names are listed hereunder:

  • Mr. Ritesh Bhattacharya and family (former chairman)

  • Mr. Biswajeet Paul and family (former president)

  • Mr. Bikash Chakroborty

  • Mr. Bipra Paul 

  • Mr. Samir Paul 

  • Mr Barun Kanti Paul

  • Mr. Kamol Das


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