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Bengali Hindu Committee Cape Town was formed in early 2014, and is a non-profit cultural organisation founded mainly to uphold and promote the rich cultural heritage of Hindus from Bangladesh and India. The association conducts cultural and religious programmes throughout the year with particular attention to youth, so that children that were born and brought up in Cape Town, South Africa do not forget their roots and get a taste of both worlds, India/Bangladesh and South Africa.




















BHCCT will be celebrating its 9th big event, (Durga Puja) this year. It has since been slowly growing stronger and has been more recognised. It began with only 6 executive members and now has executive 12 members. The members are currently the only persons which are financing the organisation, and therefore we rely on also the community to help support us in order to grow and make a difference.

BHCCT participates in various programmes organised by other groups, both Indian and non-Indian, and spreads the essence of Bengali (Indian) culture amongst the people of Cape Town. BHCCT also tries to help other organisations (especially child care organisations) by donating items and time, which can befit them in the long run. (Please view our gallery and project page to see the organisations we have helped)

We shortly will be updating more information on BHCCT.   

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